Locus of Control catalogue

13 – 22 January 2009
Golden Thread Gallery
84-94 Great Patrick Street | Belfast BT1 2LU | Northern Ireland

Who controls and regulates public space. How can public space be openly negotiated and how can a participatory vision be realized through political, social and cultural strategies.

Black Mountain Christoff Gillen
Christoff Gillen exhibits documentation of his final installation on the north west face of the Black Mountain, Belfast. In October and November 2008 Gillen’s progressive installation on the Black Mountain of letters and symbols culminated in the phrase
‘Imagine a City of =’.

Code Red Acitore Z Artezione
In an ongoing series of urban game interventions entitled Code Red the terrain* is determined in relation to the public realm, hybrid spaces, fictional narratives and contemporary photographic archives. In the gallery, Artezione exhibits digital traces of the projects collaborative approach and ‘state of search’ aesthetic.

The commissioned text Locus of Control by Eddie Molloy and Cohesion in Contested Spaces by Pauline Hadaway broadly contextualizes Artezione & Gillen’s project work within the political, social and cultural geographies of Belfast.

Locus of Control forms part of the practice led research and development of Artezione’s & Gillen’s project work on the Master of Art in Public Programme, Post Graduate Art & Design Belfast, University of Ulster.The catalogue has been supported by Cultural Events and Development, University of Ulster.

* Partnership Project: Mapping the City – Project Area One I Partner Organisation: Belfast Exposed Photography
Cover Design: Alice McKee. Catalogue Design: DEADFLATMATTDesign


Edward Molloy
Eddie Molloy is a graduate in Politics and Philosophy from the University of Glasgow where he became interested in the relationship between the conceptual and practical aspects of aesthetics and political intervention. He is currently living in Belfast and intends to pursue postgraduate study in the field of Postcolonialism in 2009.

Pauline Hadaway
Pauline Hadaway has worked in arts management since 1990 and is currently Director of Belfast Exposed Photography. Founded in 1983, Belfast Exposed Photography is a gallery of contemporary photography, archive and community photography resource, with
a focus on commissioning and publication of new work. Pauline is a also freelance writer, with plays performed in Newcastle upon Tyne, Belfast and London, and articles published in Circa, Spiked, The Visual Arts Newsletter, Architects’ Journal, Fourthwrite and Printed Project.

Christoff Gillen
The central concerns Christoff Gillen addresses in his performance/installation artwork are to adumbrate personal, political, religious and social conditions, which challenge stereotypes existing both in a micro and macrocosmic environment.

Gillen feels that performance art allows a freedom of experimentation with the audience which may take the form of direct or indirect contact; at times it is used in his work as a vehicle to enhance dialogue and/or social commentary on subject matters which relate to Northern Ireland’s contemporary cultural politics. Gillen currently practises in Belfast.

Acitore Z Artezione
Acitore Z Artezione is a New Zealand born, visual arts practitioner currently based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. As creative director of State of Search,Artezione is currently developing and appropriating multi player pervasive gaming as a strategy in the context of a ‘culture of resistance’. Theories and practices examining spatial and temporal interstices, hybrid realities, immersive environments, public authoring and narrative fictions are catalyzing agents. The ‘constructed situation’ guides the parameters of play and technology acts as both language and tool.