Actus III, Academie des Beaux Arts de Saint Gilles

After the platform ACTUS I which was held on February 2012 at Les Brasseurs, in collaboration with the ULG, the residency ACTUS II which led to a public presentation at la Fabrique in Frameries, ACTUS III hosted an exceptional evening with artists from PAErsche and Bbeyond who collaborated with three artists living in Belgium to propose some interventions in different spaces of the Academy, before going on an Open Session in the Drawing Studio of the Academy of Fine Arts.
With Avec An Debie, Alice De Visscher (BE), Monali Meher ( BE/NDL/ IN), Marita Bullman, Boris Nieslony, Evamaria Schaller ( DE), Fergus Byrne, Chrissie Cadman, Christof Gillen, Sandra Johnston, James King, Brian Patterson and Elvira Santamaria ( IE)

Thanks to PAErsche, Bbeyond Belfast, British Council, Wallonie Bruxelles Théâtre Danse, Wallonie-Bruxelles International, la Commune de St Gilles et l’ Académie des Beaux Arts de Saint Gilles. Many thanks also to Dufey Geneviève, Marie-Rose Meysman, Gwendoline Robin, Emilie Catdev, Carmen Blanco Principal, Zoe Catsaras, Achturenhuis GRAND CAFE, Frank Vandenbussche, Aziz Bekkaoui.

Photo documentation: