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Belfast City Cllr Jim Rodgers reacts to fine for local artist Christoff Gillen #BBCNolan

Moments of inception at QSS

I have chosen to focus on, and celebrate, the early artistic processes that take place in the studios, often seen by the artist’s eyes only…

An Activist Alphabet

“Post-conflict” Northern Ireland offers rich material for visual artists to explore the politics of peace building in a divided society.

Transforming Earth and Fire

New Narratives of Identity and Place. This thesis explores the cultural geographies of peace building through a study of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Imagine A City Of =

Final dissertation by Christoff Gillen for MA Art in Public, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland. 2008

The Black Mountain

Over the course of several weeks various white letters appeared and disappeared at fairly regular intervals. E, I, A G, M, I, N…

Locus Of Control

As Belfast continues to travel the seemingly inexorable road toward ‘normality’, ‘stability’ and ‘peace’, the past dies.

Locus of Control catalogue

How can public space be openly negotiated and how can a participatory vision be realized through various strategies.


For the past several months Gillen has been spelling out a message above Belfast on Black Mountain.