1000 and one kisses

13th March 2015 Belfast, Northern Ireland. 3 hours
Materials: coloured chalk, rainbow hat, red lipstick

A thousand and one kisses – Christoff Gillen

Belfast International Festival of Performance Art. Part of the Ulster festival of Art 2015.

I commenced in front of Belfast City Hall at 10am.
I carried out two actions, whereby, I put lipstick on, and I wrote the word LOVE in coloured chalk, in front of the City Hall. I proceeded to write the word LOVE in coloured chalk, down the footpath of Donegal Place, towards the University of Ulster.

Later was approached by a litter warden who stopped my action. I advised that I was participating in the festival and explained I was trying to create a rainbow of love for all the citizens of Belfast and in particular members of the LBGT community in Northern Ireland.

The police were called, they tried to resolve the issue to no avail. I was then served by said warden, a penalty fine of £60, for graffiti.

How can you be fined for writing the word LOVE, in coloured chalk; when all around are symbols of hate and intolerance. Wonder how many fines have been issued to those who cause that ‘graffiti’.

When I arrived at the University of Ulster I carried out an action, whereby I placed 1001 kisses on a glass box.

The event that occurred has led to large media attention both locally and internationally. The story has appeared on tv, radio, newspapers and online.

Chalk off, litter wardens!! action in front of Belfast City Council on 29th of March 2015 ( Facebook event )

chalk off-1

All you need is Love…..  and 6000 pennies action in front of Belfast City Council on 29th of March 2015 ( Facebook event )

Photo by John Boucher

Event coverage by Union Solidarity International, Ireland

Gay Artist fined £60 for writing LOVE on pavement IN CHALK!

Full coverage and interview on Northern Visions TV (starting from 7:40)

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Caricature from Belfast Telegraph by Stevie Lee