Anti George Bush gardening

15th June 2008. Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Collective action.

Anti George Bush gardening

The Anti War movement approached me to work on a collaboration as part of the NO Bush campaign May 2008;
I was very pleased about this as it meant the mountain was being used as a platform for other non sectarian but global issues. I climbed the mountain with 29 anti war activists to place ‘NO BUSH’ on the mountain on 15th June  2008.
This was a visual addition to the protest in the city centre the following day.

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From The Irish Anti-War Movement website

15/06/2008 – 00:00
16/06/2008 – 23:00

There are a number of events now taking place to build for the Bush visit.

The rally at the City Hall at 12.30pm on the day is expected to be big.  NIPSA passed an emergency motion at their annual conference backing the rally.  More importantly they have sent a flyer to every single union branch telling members to support and attend the rally. People can just stick them up on notice boards in their workplaces.

As ICTU (NI) is backing the rally and they represent all the Unions, everyone who is in a workplace can stick the leaflet up on their Union Notice board.

Leafletting has taken place at a number of workplaces with a really great response from people.There are hundreds of posters and leaflets for people to distribute

Buses will be travelling from Dublin on the day of the visit so that people can attend – see RTE news report.

Sunday 15th June at 1.30pm
President Bush: Close Guantánamo, Stop Torture
President Bush is coming to Belfast. We plan to give him a clear message from Amnesty International members in Northern Ireland: Close Guantanamo, Stop Torture.

This creative demonstration will use the iconic imagery of the Guantanamo Bay orange jumpsuits to convey our campaign message against human rights abuses in the ‘war on terror’, on the eve of President Bush’s visit.

Please email to let us know if you are coming.
Event Type Demonstration
Event venue Meet at Writer’s Square, Belfast
Time Commences 1:30pm sharp
Contact Patrick Corrigan
Price Free of charge

Sunday 15th June – evening
As part of the ‘Say No To Bush’ Campaign, artist Christoff Gillen plans to write ‘NO BUSH’ in 50ft white letters on the Black Mountain.  This will make the campaign visible to the whole of Belfast and complement the rally at City Hall on 16th June.
To make this happen we need volunteers to help and as much white material – old sheets, fabric, paper plates, etc, as possible. so if anyone would like to help please get in touch by email as soon as possible.  We are planning to start working on it on Sunday 15th June – the evening before Bush’s visit.
It will also be FUN!!
Please email for the details

Supported by:
Irish Congress of Trade Unions – NI
Fire Brigades Union
Belfast trades Council
National Union of Students- USI
Ireland Palestine Solidarity Committee
Irish Anti War Movement
Justice not Terror
& others