Imagine A City of = at I AM Festival

20th -  27th October 2008. Stranmills College, Belfast, Northern Ireland. 30 minutes
Performance/ documentation of the first project phase for I AM Performance Festival.

Imagine A City of = at I AM


I took part in an international performance festival, ‘I Am’ at Stranmillis College, Belfast. I wanted to include my work on the mountain as part of this as it was coinciding with the festival. I placed 500 tea lights on the floor in the design of an equal sign and a downward pointing arrow.  I started to light the tea lights and invited members of the audience to help me.

As this action progressed I projected images of the process involved onto the back wall, while this was happening two local musicians Tony Kaluarachihi and Rohan Young played music reacting and adjusting their sound to the visual material as it unfolded.
When all the tea lights were lit I used the opportunity to open up my process and experiment with it becoming more democratic. I set a task for the audience. A self-addressed envelope was handed out before my performance, after the performance I explained that this envelope contained paper for people to make a written  design out of two symbols an = sign and an arrow sign.
I received over 40 designs and chose the 5 most suitable drawings, which I then placed on the mountain as part of my ongoing assessment with internal and external examiners on 26th November 2008.

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