Imagine relaunch at Belfast Barge

21st August -  21st September 2014, Belfast Barge, Northern Ireland
Exhibition and performance

Imagine relaunch at Belfast Barge

Sixteen digital prints, accompanied by a short video with a timeline of project to date. Sound improvisation by Tony Kaluarachchi.

In October – November 2008 I started to install letters and symbols on Black Mountain culminating in a large scale phrase, “Imagine a City of =” that could be read from near and far.
In October 2012 the second stage of the project began,whereby I with a group of colleagues planted clover oxide daisy and chamomile seeds in the shape of an equal sign and an arrow pointing to a Belfast interface.

One of the key concerns I explore in my work is how can public art plays a role in dealing with the legacy of the troubles.
The intention is to communicate and contextualize the land based art installation as symbolic of a possible future for Northern Ireland, as it moves through a period of both political and social transition towards a potentially shared future of mutual respect.

The work created an open and ongoing dialogue with the citizens of Belfast through both private and public conversations, and public broadcast media. This initial work has led to a project that resonates with and links communities all over Belfast.

With the recent spate of attacks carried out in Northern Ireland against members of minority communities by thuggish elements: to the horrific events taking place in Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Gillen has felt compelled to continue with this project as part of his response to inequality and discrimination all over the world.

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