Last night I dreamt... Brussels

1st October 2014. Actus III, Brussels, Belgium. 1 hour
Materials: Mirrored sandwich board, a placard with text and seeds


This was the final walk, again I started by  quoting Augustus Boal “The role of utopias is not to be reached it is stimulate us to try harder, and to go further, to dream is already a dream come true”. I began the walk in the Art Academy proceeding to the St Gilles district wearing the mirrored sandwich board;  I carried a white placard with blue text  reading “ Last night I dreamt I could change the world”  once again I had seeds. This was also a highly interactive piece of work with many discussions between me and public. I finished by returning to the Art Academy where I planted wild flower seeds which had been used previously on an earlier project Imagine A City of =

The three walks were part of a journey to look at ourselves and the wider world to open up discussion and awareness so as to enhance social justice for all and not just the privileged few.

Below – documentation of Actus III