Last night I dreamt... Cologne

30th September 2014. Cologne, Germany. 1 hour
Materials:  Mirrored sandwich board, a placard with text and seeds

Last nigh I dreamt… Cologne

I started by quoting Augustus Boal “The role of utopias is not to be reached it is stimulate us to try harder, and to go further, to dream is already a dream come true”. The performance commenced at 7pm at Orangerie, theatre im volksgarten. I walked around central Cologne wearing the mirrored sandwich board; I carried a white placard with blue text reading “Last night I dreamt I could change the world” in addition I also had seeds.

As I walked around the city people interacted and entered a dialogue with me and amongst them-selves regarding what was written on the placard and the reflections they saw when looking at the board. I was looking for conversations, discussions as opposed to war prejudice and discrimination. I returned to Orangerie to plant wild flower seeds which had been used previously on an earlier project Imagine A City of =