Long borders

7th February 2008. Catalyst Arts Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland. 25 minutes
Performance for Exchange Places: Pit Bull Terriers Belfast – Helsinki organised by Bbeyond.


I performed a solo piece using a map of Finland and a map of Ireland projected onto two walls facing each other. I attached locations from each map on to locations in the other country using white fine string. At the end I asked the finish artists to have a shot glass of Irish whiskey followed by the Irish artists who drank finish vodka.

Artists involved: Lauri Luhta Custodians of Being), Jussi Kenkkla (COB), Anti Ahnen (COB), Tanja Koistila, Irma Optimist, Amanita Phalloides, Tina Tietavainen, Panu Tyhtila, Chrissie Cadman, Stephen Dorothy, Christof Gillen, Birgit Salling Hansen, Elina Hartzell, Sinead O’Donnell, Brian Patterson, Peter Richards.

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