Tick Tock

3rd  December 2011. Space Craft, Belfast, Northern Ireland. 2 hours
Performance for Space Craft collective exhibition.

Tic toc-7

This group exhibition looked at moving parts within 5 artists practices. Both fine and applied artists were invited to make objects, performances and animations. I selected to work on the escalator that moved between the space and the street. Wearing mirrors on the front and back of my head and listening to the sound of a metronome I had amplified as I moved up and down the escalator for duration of two hours.
This action mirrors my feeling about the relationship I have with the society in Belfast. Through the use of mirrors the people encountering the performance could see their reflection.

Participated artists: Christof Gillen, Helen McDonnell, Linda Monks, Cathy Stafford and Jim Parish. Curated by Charlotte Bosanquet.

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