Walking Essen

27th September 2014. Essen Germany. 1 hour 10 minutes
Performance during Exchange Bel – Esse, organised by PAErshe, Actus and Bbeyond.
Materials: 1 branch, 1 piece white ribbon, a handful of earth and seeds.


This was the first of my planned three walking performances.
The performance started at 7pm at old butchers which is now used as a studio/workspace. I started by quoting Augustus Boal  “The role of utopias is not to be reached it is stimulate us to try harder, and to go further, to dream is already a dream come true”. I proceeded to walk around Essen City Centre carrying a handful of earth on one hand and a branch with ribbon attached to the other. During this work I spoke with no one. I returned to my starting point where I used the soil which I had been carrying  to plant wild flower seeds which had been used previously on an earlier project Imagine A City of =

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