Without Voices

1st May 2013. Catalyst Arts Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland. 30 minutes
Performance during Duo days festival.


I participated in Monika Gunther and Ruedi Schill (Switzerland) workshop during Duo Days festival organized by Bbeyond .
A task within the workshop was to bring materials to the session I decided to bring two photographs. The photographs were of St. Patrick’s training school that was a care home in West Belfast I took the photographs in 1993.

Through the process of the workshop I researched and investigated the history of the photographs I not only discovered that the care home was no longer functional Christian brothers religious institution but it had also a horrific past of child abuse.
My final performance ‘ Without Voices’ was about dealing with uncovering this information and using it as material in the development of performance work.

Curated by Hugh O’Donnell and Anne Quail.